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setting infrastructure Standards to bring hemp into New, Established, and Developing Hemp Markets across the World.

The Syntax Solutions is the parent company to Cannawholesale and Distribution USA, CannaCare Rx, CannaCare Rx Clinic, CannaCare Ag, CannaCare Rx Labs, CannaCare University, and Billy’s Budz. The Syntax Solutions has strategic partnerships with others, Evolve Health Management and Spectrum Analytics.  It is owned exclusively by a team of professionals with a combined 80 years of cannabis industry professionals and practical application (please refer to the attached white paper for detailed specifics of each Syntax series of companies). The Syntax Companies had been petitioned to partner with the above listed exterior companies to take advantage of and compliment Syntax’s existing; grow, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and distribution. Additionally, what sets Syntax apart is our medical card issuance, product lines, clientele base, and physician’s networks that have opened opportunities in multiple states outside of our already established Oklahoma footprint. 

Technology to Research

Industrial hemp is more than agriculture.

One of our key technology partners

is Revive Hemp Industries.  

Revive has patented, one of a kind milling

equipment which operates at a fraction of

the cost of other decorticators and has superior capabilities. 

Organic genes. Powerful seed.

we’re strong believers in permaculture

We have exclusive rights to this technology for the regions

of Florida in which we will be working. 

In addition, Revive has relationships with large

industrial hemp off take partners across many industries

who are excited about purchasing material from Florida.

Let’s build something beautiful

Ideal Requirements for determination of placement of  Processing Technologies to each Geographic area of 250 miles. (We have already aligned multiple sites in each area as possible facilities, but are open to working with each group to make the best decisions)-A combination of 5,000 acres of dedicated farmlands and/or 4 million lbs. of raw materials for processing.-A minimum of 10,000 sq foot combined between Processing facility and storage of raw materials, bay doors, easy loading/unloading for trucks, and rail.-We prefer to work with local manufacturers/producers in each industry to provide them materials for their local needs.-Prefer land with agricultural/industrial wells-Access to USDA Organic farms and facilities is better for the owners of those because those contracts pay more than non-organic products.-Local Construction Crews, Building Materials, and the intent of employing between 10 and 50 employees, managers, contractors per location.-State or Local Government incentives and/or Opportunity Zone Projects, and ability to work with each government on Carbon Sequestration Incentive Programs.